I am John Fears and I am one of the most well known philanthropists in the United States. I am part of the boards of several international corporate giants and boast an impressive track record when it comes to making big decisions in major acquisitions. At the peak of my career and with too much money to know what to do with, I decided to start giving back. Knowing the needs of the people, I decided to invest and start companies and corporations that would provide goods and services at prices lower than market price to give everyone a better opportunity to purchase goods such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, high calorie disaster relief products, and many more.

Before I achieved all of this though, I had a rough time. I was not born with a silver spoon and, in fact, had to work his way through most of my education. I was born in Wisconsin and studied in a public school in Milwaukee. As early as the age of 12, I already had an entrepreneurial mindset. I started out by helping my dad sell spare parts for bicycles. From this point, I always found ways to understand the needs of people and take advantage of the opportunity by offering goods or services to these people.

After working my way through high school and college, I already knew the right people to start my business. The thing about me is, I never spent on anything I didn’t need. Any money that I made would be reinvested in the business or used to start another business. After a series of strategically made decisions and investments, I amassed a huge portfolio of companies and assets.

In 2006, I was in China, where I met Jeremy Livingston. We started talking about topical creams and I brought up a fungal condition that I had. Lucky enough, Jeremy had just the answer, a cream that we all now know as Fungus Clean. I decided that he wanted to take this under my wing and provide as much funding as I could to Jeremy’s company, Cleanse. Since then we’ve been doing great and innovative work.