[Jan 2019] Clear Nails Plus Reviews – Integrated Health Pills Really Work?

Finding the Best Solution to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Permanently

People who suffer from nail fungus feel embarrassed about their condition. Nail fungus is often caused by mold or yeast infection that causes nails to become thick, brittle, and smelly. Individuals who suffer from athletes foot, diabetes and those with poor blood circulation have more significant risks of acquiring this skin condition. To help people find a permanent solution to this bothering condition we are providing you additional information about a promising product known as Clear Nail Plus brought to you by Integrated Health that claims to effective to cure nail fungus for good.

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Tell us more about the benefits of using Clear Nails Plus?

This product is said to be very useful and safe for people of all ages. Clear Nail Plus claims to have the capability to permanently get rid of all types of nail fungus and bring back the self-esteem that has been taken away from a lot of people.

Any known disadvantages of using Clear Nails Plus?

So far, based on numerous customer feedback from their website there seem to be no negative thoughts that were expressed by both former and existing customers about the product. However realistic results and expectations about the product should always be set to its users.

How effective is Clear Nails Plus?

Clear Nail Plus is developed by a team of medical experts and is scientifically tested to provide a permanent and safe cure to people suffering from years of nail fungal infection without the need of a medical prescription. Oral supplements are proven to be more effective as compared to the usual medicated creams and ointments that most of us are familiar with.

Doctors say that nail fungus is often just a sign of an underlying health condition and poor gut health. That is why the Clear Nail Plus supplement is designed to get into the bottom of the problem to ensure that it does not recur again. Taking this supplement may save you from other types of infections that can affect your health and decrease the quality of your life.

Who is the company in charge of manufacturing the product?

Upon checking the official website, a company known as Integrated Health is the one in charge of manufacturing and selling Clear Nail Plus supplements. We tried to look for more information about the company and its location but it not available on the official website. But there is a link allowing you to send them e-mails and contact their support center if you need more information about the product.

Can you tell us more about the main components of the product?

The Clear Nail Plus supplement is known for having the most effective ingredients including several potent probiotic strains that can kill the primary source of the fungi. Here are some of its components:

Lactobacillus plantarum- is a fungus killer that can create its antibiotics that works against harmful bacteria. This type of probiotic is also highly recommended for people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome because it is proven to fight off infection and strengthens our immune system and promotes skin healing especially for those people with glucose levels. hi

  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus. This particular pro-biotic is known to help improve our immune system and works wonders in preventing acute skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum. Another potent pro-biotic that help build a stronger immune system and prevents fungal infection
  • Lactobacillus Casei. Described by doctors as the superstar of all pro-biotics also known to increase the immune system of elderly patients and prevents asthma attacks
  • Turmeric Curcumin. The yellowish substance used in curry dishes. Also known in Asian countries as yellow ginger has very potent properties known to reduce inflammation and kill different types of fungi.

Can you give us more details about Clear Nails Plus supplement?

People that are affected with nail fungus can get frustrated because it is difficult to find the right cure for this ugly skin condition. You should be thankful because there are certain products like Clear Nail Plus which is an all-natural but powerful anti-fungal supplement that claims to provide fast and visible results in a short amount of time. This particular product is said to effectively treat the root cause of most fungal infections making it go away permanently.

Any additional information about the possible side effects of using this product?

Clear Nails Plus claims that the supplement is very safe for both young and adult patients. No harmful effects or possible side effects were mentioned on the website. However, it is still best to talk to your physician before trying out any health supplements to be on the safe side.

review of clear nails plus integrated health

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Common Questions from Clients:

How much does it cost to buy the product?

Should you wish to avail of the Clear Nails Plus you have three affordable packages to choose from:

  • Basic package consists of only one bottle for the price of $69.00.
  • The standard kit comes in three bottles for $177.00 or $59.00 per bottle.
  • You can get more significant savings if you avail of the premium package. It consists of six bottles for only $294.00 or $49.00 per bottle.

How can we contact the company for any concerns?

For any urgent questions or concerns, customers can reach the US-based hotline of Integrated Health. You can contact them at 855-701-2018 anytime from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, they are also open during weekends from 9 AM to 1 PM Pacific Time. You can also send an email at [email protected], for additional questions and concerns and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it okay to take Clear Nails Plus even if I am taking other medications?

You need to consult a doctor if you have any existing health issues like hypertension and high cholesterol levels, known allergies to peanuts, currently pregnant or lactating and presently undergoing treatment for certain conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Your safety is always the primary priority before deciding to take any supplements.

Can customers ask for a refund?

Yes of course. Integrated Health is willing to provide all customers a FULL REFUND of their money. If the product does not meet any of your expectations, then the Clear Nail Plus supplement comes with 180 days and 100% full money-back guarantee. If you are starting to lose hope about finding the right cure for your nail fungus why not try the product RISK-FREE for 180 Days and see if it is worth your money or not.

Is there any place where can we buy the supplements?

As of the moment, the Clear Nails Plus can only be purchased exclusively at the company website by visiting https://truthaboutfungus.com/. Freebies worth $98.00 awaits online customers. All Clear Nails Plus products comes with free shipping across the continental United States. You can pay for your purchase using all major credit cards, and it shall arrive at your doorstep in 2-3 business days excluding holidays. You will receive a confirmation or tracking number for your parcel as soon as the product on its way to your place.

What is the overall feedback about using Clear Nails Plus product?

According to a large number of customer feedback showing on the product website, the Clear Nails Plus is recommended by a lot of consumers. The product is said to be safe, no known side-effects, affordable and very much useful. One big thing that makes the product stand out and worth trying is the 180-day full money back guarantee just in case it does not meet your expectations. Just keep in mind that results will always vary depending on the individual and the severity of the nail fungus.

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